Bwin is one of the oldest online casinos on the market. They started in 1996 and has customers worldwide. I have now tested the casino and in this blog post I am going to present you what caught me most when I played there.

Bwin casino

With Bwin every player have a huge number of casino games of which to choose from. First and foremost, they offer over 230 different slot machines, which was the main reason why I decided to test the casino. In addition, they offer poker, sports betting, scratch cards, video poker, roulette, baccarat, blackjack and other table games. They also have a live casino where you can play various table games.


If you have a look at Bwin campaign page, you would see that they probably don’t offer the biggest and best bonuses online. For example, you can get cash back on some games if you lose and this is up to €50. In addition, they have some other small bonuses, but unfortunately not among the biggest and best on the market, which is a bit odd since they are one of the oldest casinos on the market.

What is it to play at Bwin

Despite the small start bonus I decided to give Bwin a chance, so I put €50 on a new player account. I played for a while on one of NetEnt newer machines, namely Guns`n Roses. I had the luck with me and I ended with a €40 profit. So I tried Aloha, Cluster Pays. Where it went a bit worse and I ended up with a loss of €20.

With €70 left in the player account I tried some poker and sports betting. The soccer bets I made went well, but I was far worse with poker. At the end of the day I had €60 left in my player account.

The games worked well and the casino looks pretty good. But I missed the real bonus offer, so I decided to withdraw the money and try in another casino.


I have heard som warnings about Bwin lately, so I was eager to see would I be able to withdraw money. It went just fine. I had my money for a few hours.

Is Bwin a safe casino?

Bwin has recently received a great deal of criticism from many players, so I would recommend that you are careful about how much money you would keep in your player accounts. One thing you should be aware of is that they have a maximum withdrawal limit of €20,000 per month.

This speaks very negative for the casino. Just imagine how it would be to win one of the biggest progressive jackpots that counts tens of million, only to discover that you can only take out just a small portions of it every month. It is certainly not something I like.

In addition, Bwin has also been criticized for very poor customer service lately. However, I had no problems with that, but with so much smoke around them there should be something wrong.

Sadly, but once a great casino, Bwin now is a falling giant. I took the opportunity to invest some money and it went well. But when I was browsing around online and read what other players have experienced I saw that this is not one of the best casinos online.